New Interview

Yo. I have a new interview pimpin out what I usually pimp. It’s at Sam Cox’s House of Horror site:

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For the Love of Meat


No, I haven’t gone XXX here. This is my younger, larger brother’s fledgling documentary in which he and 3 of his buddies search for the best BBQ in Texas. Check it out at

Their route is locked in! Follow them as they solve the age-old question of who has the best BBQ in Texas:

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John Rector’s The Cold Kiss

This guy is just plain good. I read his first novel, The Grove, and was amazed, but his second book, available now in hardcover at looks even better.

Here’s a review I did for The Grove:

“With a tight and simple style, Rector delivers one hell of a page-turner and fast read with his debut. The author avoids all fluff and pretension and simply tells a great story. I found myself racing through the last 2/3 of the book as if the manuscript would self-destruct if I didn’t finish in time.

The beauty of the story is the protagonist, a tragic anti-hero who is critically flawed, even pathetic at times, but inherently likeable for the hell he has been through. Rector puts him through skin-crawling dilemmas that redefine disturbing, yet keeps the reader cheering for him throughout. It is a mystery, but more than that, it is a character study of a man struggling to cope with horrific loss and insane situations. Realistic dialogue and just the right touch of gore ultimately adds up to a suspenseful, highly entertaining story.

Highly recommended. I’ll be buying Rector’s next book for sure.”

And check out his blog at to see how you can win copies. I’m not asking.

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Dawning Soul!!!

Poetry, fashion, stories of inspiration: check out my longtime friend Jennifer Gabiola’s website,, for all the above, and guaranteed free college tuition for your children.

(Note: All promises made on this blog should be regarded as complete crap. Thank you, Mgmt)

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A couple of my buddies were bored and decided to interview me . . .

As you’ll see, things are never very serious when I get together with these guys, but it’s a fun read if you’re deciding between checking out a semi-informative, mostly ridiculous interview from some no-name author like myself, or spending your 28th hour of the day on Mafia Wars.

My interviewers are two guys you’ll hear a lot about on this site. Good guys, great writers, and rumored to be bromatically involved.

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My book

OK, just in case I haven’t annoyed you enough with this bit of info, my book of short stories, Beneath the Surface of Things, is coming out this September through Bards and Sages Publishing. Check out what people are saying at the Beneath Blurbs link to the right–>

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I don’t even know who I am anymore

In the last few months, I have done 3 things I never figured I’d do:

1) Joined facebook, which probably assured me eternal damnation.

2) Started a blog. But in my defense, I’m told it’s a good way for writers to get their names out there. My name is Kevin Wallis. Put it out there.

3) Started drinking wine. I’m a lost cause.

Anyway, I’ll be talking about writing, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the hootenanny.

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So here I be. I’ll figure this blog thing out, and get back to you in 10 or 12 years.

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